Family Based Immigration – Green Card 

At VM Gokea Law we successfully represented families in hundreds of family related green card cases.

Our services include:

  • Alien Relative Petitions
  • Employment Authorization and Advance Parole/Permission to Travel
  • Applications for Removal of Conditions
  • Fiancé Visa
  • Consular Processing for Immigrant Visa
  • Green Card Replacement
  • Replacement of Naturalization Certificate

United States citizens or Permanent Residents (green card holders) may sponsor a close family member for a green card when the family member seeking green card is in the USA or in another country.

A close family member is:

  • mother or father can sponsor the children
  • children can sponsor the parents
  • Husband or wife can sponsor each other when one of them is a US citizen
  • Grandparents may sponsor a  minor grandchild born abroad and obtain the naturalization of the grandchild, when the grandchild is a minor (below 18 years old), and the parents of the child do not satisfy the  residency requirement (INA Section 322)

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